Pimples always show up right before a scheduled event, date, or meeting. It seems like every time the setting involves people, the pimples are front and center. Popping your pimple can be extremely tempting in these situations but how do you heal a popped pimple overnight?

Pimples lower your confidence and self-esteem, and makes most people want to hide.  We have all tried covering up pimples by wearing a hat or wearing layers of makeup, but even then, that does not quite do the trick.  So, to everyone who has endured pimple sabotage, all hope is not lost.

Why You Shouldn’t Pop A Pimple

According to dermatology experts from the American Academy of Dermatology, popping a pimple by yourself often leads to permanent scarring and increased inflammation, which makes the pimple more noticeable than it was before you tried to pop it.  

Popping a pimple by yourself can also result in the spreading of bacteria, which can lead to infection. Thus, popping your pimple with your hands does more damage to your skin and is not a solution to getting rid of your pimple quickly. Many people are stuck with the damages years later.

That said, if you do decide to pop your pimple, please see Dr Pimple Popper's tips on popping pimples properly.

How To Heal A Popped Pimple

Many of us just take the very high risk and try to pop our pimples ourselves.  Again, do not do this. However, if you have, this is what you need to do to properly heal the pimple area.  This is the step-by-step guide to treating a popped pimple at home.

Step One: Clean the Area

According to expert dermatologist from the American Academy of Dermatology and celebrity dermatologists, you need to clean the pimple area with benzoyl peroxide solution. The benzoyl peroxide solution is an antibacterial solution.

Step Two: Stop the Bleeding

Quite often, a popped pimple will bleed. If the popped pimple is bleeding, you need to put a warm compress on the popped pimple to stop the bleeding. This is important because you do not want the bacteria to spread and possibly cause more pimples.

Step Three: Apply Salicylic Acid 

Once the bleeding is controlled and the antibacterial solution has been used, you need to put salicylic acid on the popped pimple.  The purpose of the salicylic acid is to get rid of any bacteria that is remaining inside the pimple. When popping a pimple at home with your hands, it is rare to get all the bacteria flushed out, which is why some people will see the pimple reform.

Step Four: Don't Pick the Scab!

After doing this process, the popped pimple area might possibly scab. It is very important to not pick the scab.  Simply put Neosporin over the scab and a small band-aid over it. The band-aid keeps the Neosporin on the area.

What Will Happen After I Popped a Pimple?

There is not one universal solution that cures all popped pimples because people have different skin types, skin conditions, skin history, and skin healing. Sometimes, this process does the trick, but there are possible other results.  

Visit Your Dermatologist

If the previous at home process does not work for you, you might get lucky enough to see your dermatologist before that big day. Your dermatologist will inject the pimple and results start to take effect very quickly.

Try Spot Treatments

Shen getting spot treatments, look at the ingredients label and make sure it is either a benzoyl, salicylic acid, or sulfur base.  Also make sure that it is suitable for all skin types that way you don’t have some type of reaction.

A great spot treatment recommendation is the Dermalogica Clear Start Breakout Clearing Emergency Spot Fix.  It works wonders for many people, including myself. It helped to get rid of my pimple sabotage in under 24 hours, has a four out of five star rating by several selling distributors, and is very suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.  

How Quickly Can Your Popped Pimple Heal?

A popped pimple is essentially an open wound.  Realistically, it is not the easiest task to completely get rid of the pimple.  A pimple being completely cured by the 24-hour mark or less depends on several factors like skin type and ability to heal, which has a lot to do with genes.  

Nonetheless, it is very realistic to make the popped pimple area minimal to the point that makeup can work its magic. Some makeup gurus can completely cover up acne scarring and major discoloration. So, have no fear, you will still be able to slay in confidence at your next event, date, meeting, or whatever it is that involves being around a group of people.

Kirstin Chock is a former model for one of the largest modeling agencies in the world, which demonstrates her background in all things beauty.  Also, she is a former NCAA Division I athlete, having played for a nationally ranked top 25 program, which demonstrates her background in wellness.

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