Is it good to sleep in your bra? Every woman deals with the daily struggle of wearing a bra all day long. After countless hours of having our breasts tucked in our bras, the first thing that most women want to do once they get home is take their bra off. 

However, some women feel the opposite and end up sleeping all night in their bra. Most of us have heard the old tale that if you sleep in your bra that your breast with support its shape and perkiness. 

Even Academy Award winning actress Halle Berry swears by sleeping in her bra since the age of sixteen has helped to keep her boobies in tiptop shape.

Although many anecdotally vouch for this routine to avoid the complications of getting a boob job, the question remains: Is it good to sleep with a bra or not?

Are There Any Health Risks to Sleeping in a Bra?

There are a lot of myths surfacing around the internet about sleeping braless and whether it is safe to do. Many articles and studies have stated that it could have some health risks but also benefits if worn properly.

Health concerns include a possible increased risk of breast cancer and effecting the circulation in your chest which has deterred many women from the routine. 

When you sleep with a bra on you deal with consequences of affecting your blood circulation is especially if you wear one with underwire. You become likely prone to cause a lack of flow to the rest of your body like your arms. This can cause a major effect to the rest of your body not just your breast tissue. Some have wondered if sleeping in sports bra would be better however that can be the furthest from the truth.

Another health risk that may occur is skin discoloration and irritation on or around the breast area. The average bra has hooks and straps that may rub against your skin and increased skin problems. With the skin being irritated the breast could eventually developed a cyst especially worn for a long time. Wearing a tight bra can hyperpigmentation due to friction being caused on our skin developing dark skin spots all over.

Why It is better to sleep braless?

There are so many reasons of why sleeping without a bra happens to be more fun. Besides letting your boobies have some freedom for a few hours. It has been shown to improve sleep due to not having bra rubbing against your skin and being held up. It also helps with circulation especially with not having the nerve and blood flow being affected.

It is also very hygienic sleeping without a bra preventing the risk of body odor due to boob sweat being associated with wearing bra, also wearing the same bra all day, can not only cause odor that may be hard to get out. It can also cause the bra structure to begin to wear and tear faster after consistent wear. Another benefit from going braless at night is the amount money you will save on laundry. Think about the amount money going down the drain wearing two bras on a daily basis instead of only one

Ultimately, you will be giving your skin a break and preventing it from potential scars and marks. Wearing a bra adds extra pressure and friction being placed on the skin of your breast. Our breast skin happens to be one of most delicate skin areas on our bodies making it easy to develop skin marks. All this can be prevented by letting your boobs be free from tension throughput the night.

Now some women even with all the risks they hear from wearing a bra at night, can still not resist wearing one. Some go with the option of purchasing special sleep bras to do the trick. Sleep bras are bras specially designed bras to ease any breast discomfort during your sleep. These special bras have no hooks or buttons and have wider and softer straps. Sleep bras were made especially for women with larger cup sizes D and above, whom often experiences discomfort during the night. They have a variety of sleep bras to choose from including popular brands like Bali and Vanity Fair that are easily accessible.

Does it prevent sagging?

The main reason most women even wear bras at night is the belief that it prevents sagging. Well the reality is there is no scientific proof that bras will prevent sagging or have an adverse effect. It also might not have a benefit of maintaining the perkiness of your breast or its shape. However, if you are experiencing breast pain during the night, the best option may be sleep bras stated above. Other options to prevent sagging is to get a boob job which is the fastest yet most expensive option. A more natural and less expensive option is to add exercises in your routine that strengthen the breast muscles underneath that may help keep it them toned.

Is it good to sleep with a bra at night?

Should you wear a bra while going to sleep? There is no absolute proof if it is safe going to sleep with one on. It also no evidence that it prevents sagging and maintains perkiness. The choice of wearing a bra is ultimately up to you and if it makes you sleep better at night. You are however are prone to more non-medical risk by wearing a bra at night. Nevertheless, it is your body and you make the best choice for it. At the end of day, the most important thing is making sure you and your breast get the best possible sleep you can get. Remember, if you do not get the best sleep, then you can’t be the best you.