Every single one of these 10 night lights for toddlers will help your little one rest and enjoy a better night’s sleep. Read on to find the best one for them.

While we can’t solve every sleep problem in this post, a new nightlight might provide a little distraction and add a bit of fun to the bedtime routine. We found the 10 best night lights for toddlers and put them all in this post.

Find the one that fits your child best!

Better Sleep For Toddlers

It seems like toddlers have boundless energy from an unending source. Do they ever get tired?

Some toddlers fight bedtime with every ounce of energy they have left. So the real question becomes, how can we make night time more enjoyable so they actually want to go to sleep?

How much sleep should a toddler get?

Before we get into the night lights, let’s look at toddler sleep habits. How much sleep should a toddler get?

Toddlers refers to the ages after they start walking and before they enter preschool, so between 1-3 years old.

Sleep experts suggest toddlers get a total amount of 12-14 hours of sleep per day. Most toddlers give up their morning naps and only want to nap once per day.

A typical day and night for most toddlers might look like this

  • 2-hour afternoon nap
  • 10 – 12 hours at night

Each child is different. If you have any questions about your child’s sleep habits, please consult with your pediatrician.

How to Help Your Toddler Sleep At Night

When your baby grows into toddler age, they are starting to become more aware of their surroundings. This combined with their rapid growth spurts means they begin to fight sleep.

It’s such a “fun” stage of life.

Sometimes, babies that used to be wonderful sleepers begin to have trouble falling asleep.

Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to encourage better sleep habits and teach them how to fall and stay asleep.

  • Cut Back on Naps. Most toddlers will outgrow multiple naps. If your toddler is having a hard time sleeping at night, cut one of their naps out and see if that helps.
  • Use noise machines. Sometimes white noise can create sleep-inducing atmospheres and help them focus on relaxation.
  • Keep the room dark. Sleep experts agree a darker room encourages better sleep. If your toddler is scared of the dark, use a dim night light.

10 Best Night Lights for Toddlers

Night lights create a calm and dark place for toddlers to safely fall – and stay- asleep.

These are the 10 best night lights created for toddlers. Some of them will grow with the toddlers, others are made specifically for this incredible age of curiosity and independence.

Browse the list and find one that works the best for you and your children.

1. Best Projector Night Light

The BlissLights Sky Lite will fill your child’s room with stars, making it look absolutely magical!

This night light will grow with your child. As your little bundle of imagination gets older, it can become a fun way to light up the room during sleep overs with friends.

2. Best Simple Night Light

When you just need something that plugs into the wall and is energy efficient, this one is for you.

The eufy Lumi Plug-In Night Light is a warm, soft glow and has a dusk to dawn sensor.

This is the perfect night light if you don’t want to worry about batteries or recharging devices. It’s also a fantastic choice if you have a child who needs as few distractions as possible during bedtime.

3. Night Light with Outlet Extenders

It seems like there are so many things that need to recharge at night. This night light lets you plug in the night light and still have outlets for all the other electronics too.

This is made by POWRUI and comes in a 4-pack at a really low price. It’s an affordable option for anyone on a budget.

4. Best Red Night Light for Toddlers

Studies show that red lights have a link to lower feelings of depression. If you are considering using another color of light, the UNIFUN Touch Lamp is the best choice.

It has touch sensors so you can turn it on and off with a light touch. There are no cords, which makes it safe in a toddler’s room.

Plus, it can be changed to various colors if you decide the red light isn’t working for your child.

5. Cutest Night Light

The LumiPets Cute Animal Silicone Baby Night Light is just adorable! Your toddler will love letting this cute creature light up their room as they go to sleep.

If you want to help your child enjoy a deeper sleep in the dark, you can set the sleeper timer. It also has a remote control and it is USB rechargeable, so no dangerous cords.

6. Portable Night Light for Toddlers

For independent toddlers, the  LumiPets Nightlight is a must!

It’s portable so toddlers can carry it around with them. You can make this a part of your bedtime routine. It is battery operated or can be plugged in and has cool-to-the-touch LED lights.

7. Night Light with Sound Machine

The LittleHippo Mella is packed with features. So if you are trying to buy a nightlight as a gift, get this one. It has everything any parent could want in a nightlight.

It’s super cute with a fanciful little smile. There are sleep training modes that teach kids when to sleep, when to play (right before bed) and when to wake up.

Plus, it can make comforting white noise.

There is a plugin cord included or use the USB rechargeable battery.

8. Cute Night Light

The Mirari OK to Wake! Alarm Clock & Night-Light is another super cute night light that doubles as a sleep trainer for toddler. This one will grow with your child too.

It has a nap mode so it can be used during the day as well. The buttons are on the toes, which is fun little feature.

9. Cuddly Projector Night Light

This cuddly owl from Bubzi Co works as a nightlight, sound machine and a cuddly plush for nighttime.

There is a timer so it shuts off after a set amount of time. The projector fills the wall or ceiling with soft shapes.

This makes a cute gift for 2-5 year olds.

10. Best Bedside Table Night Light

Finally, the Tecboss Baby is the best bedside table night light for toddlers.

This thing is incredible and packed with helpful features!

It has 20 soothing sounds and volume control. Keep the volume really low to help baby sleep better. Choose the best sounds for a night of healthy sleep.

How to Find the Best Night Light For Your Toddler

When you are looking for a night light for your growing toddler, it can be tough to choose from the hundreds that are out there. Ask yourself these questions and you’ll be able to narrow it down.

  • How involved in the routine do they need to be?
  • What is my budget?
  • What color of light do I need?
  • Is it important for it to be programmable?
  • Do I need something battery powered or rechargeable?
  • Do I need something that includes sleep training modes?

No matter what, just go with something that you and your toddler pick out. You can’t go wrong with something basic, but sometimes adding a little flair and fun to bedtime will be just what you need.

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