The last thing you want to lay your head down at night might be copper. It sounds a little funny, huh? But, surprisingly, copper is a naturally enhancing chemical known to reduce signs of fine line and wrinkles. It is making its way into the beauty industry as companies begin to infuse their pillowcases with naturally occurring chemicals to fight wrinkles.

Copper not only fights wrinkles, but it also helps treat acne and breakouts and aids in the production of collagen. It plumps and smooths the appearance of fine lines -- all while you sleep.

Why is copper good for wrinkles?

According to the Copper Development Association, copper has been around since it was first mined by Egyptians 11,000 years ago. Once used to make everything from weapons to jewelry, this mineral became an essential material over time and these days, it’s irreplaceable.

How do we know copper works? Evidence dating back to Ancient Egypt suggests that they used copper as an antimicrobial property that could help maintain health. When sleeping on a copper pillowcase, the particles transfer to your face throughout the night and create a bubble of regeneration.

Copper-infused linens have become one of the trendiest materials to hit the beauty and bedding scene. In fact, a copper pillowcase may have an anti-aging impact on your skin as it works to prevent wrinkles. Further, investigations into whether copper pillowcases can help stop hair loss are enlightening. Even Martha Stewart agrees.

What’s the science behind the story?

Sometimes it takes an inquisitive beauty writer to sleuth out the truth and separate the scientific jargon. That’s what "New York Times" writer Terry Trucco did in search of a solution for her own personal wrinkle challenge. We’ll save you the trouble of reading her piece by summing up what she learned about copper-infused linens.

  • Forget layers or sheets of copper. Instead, the technology involves the insertion of copper flecks into the textile weaving process, so the finished fabric has a therapeutic impact on the skin.

  • In addition to mediating wrinkles, copper pillowcases may also fight bacteria and ward off dust mites.

  • Doctors at the University of Miami’s Cosmetic Medicine and Research Institute agree that putting active ingredients like copper into linens shows enough promise to keep up the research.
  • Without nanotechnology, scientists couldn’t break copper particles small enough to imbed them into fabric.
  • Because the technology is refined, shoppers needn’t worry about copper flecks rubbing off, even in the wash.

How do copper pillowcases reduce wrinkles? 

Once you understand the way copper flecks are broken down and permanently imbedded in the fabric used to craft pillowcases, it’s an easy transition to understand your skin’s response to rubbing up against the textile night after night. New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Yael Halaas is a believer. She says that since copper is a natural antibiotic, it stimulates collagen production and promotes tissue growth.

Always the medical professional, Dr. Halaas relied upon a double-blind test that divided a universe of 57 volunteers into two camps. Half of them slept on copper pillowcases for four weeks while other group members were relegated to sleeping on ordinary linens. Participants sleeping on copper pillowcases were the clear winners of this comparison. 

Can copper pillowcases help you look younger? 

Ever since Ponce de Leon’s first visit to the new World from Spain when the explorer searched for the legendary fountain of youth, science has sought ways to help people look younger. In pursuit of the answer, "Shape" magazine writer Alina Dizik went beyond the pillowcase to explore the role copper plays.

Dizik’s research was literally and figuratively eye-opening. She learned that pillowcases are competing with new-to-the-market lotions, potions and creams, all listing copper as an active ingredient.

She quotes chemist Stephen Alain Ko, who links copper tripeptide-1 with human plasma, so it makes sense that the skin would be receptive to the mineral, Dizik concluded. Dermatologist Murad Alam concurs. "Copper peptides may reduce inflammation and speed up wound healing, which may help the skin look and feel younger and fresher." 

Can a copper pillowcase help stop hair loss?

Fess up: are you losing sleep because you worry that the pillowcase on which you rest your head could be contributing to your hair loss? You’re not alone. But will copper pillowcases being touted for helping one look young and fend off wrinkles also work some magic on hair loss?

Perhaps. Eliminate biological causes (heredity; stress; the 100 hairs everyone loses daily), and it’s worth taking a look at your cotton pillowcase. Rough cotton fibers create friction and could trigger breakage and follicle stress. Since cotton wicks away moisture, it may also dry hair, leaving it more susceptible to breakage.

At the very least, a copper pillowcase will help you eliminate bed-head and make the hair you do have look its best.

Adopting copper pillowcase technology is relatively affordable, easy to add to your bedtime/beauty routine and well worth a try. 

Top 5 Best-Selling Copper Pillowcases on Amazon

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Our Top Picks for Best Copper-Infused Pillow Cases

Iluminage Pillowcase

The Illuminage Pillowcase is 100% copper infused polyester with a 249 thread count. It comes in a standard pillow size of 20”W x 26”L. It is safe and non-irritating to your skin. Machine-washable.

Do not use fabric softener in washer or dryer sheets in dryer as this will ruin the material over time. The great part is this pillowcases works overnight with your skin versus against your skin. Its properties allow for copper to naturally enter your skin at night in the same fashion a skincare product would.

Cupron Cosmetic Pillowcase

The Cupron Cosmetic Pillowcase is allegedly infused with a copper alloy right in the microfibers. 

It won’t feel like you’re sleeping on copper and certainly will not be a hard surface, but it will feel incredibly fine against your skin. Give it a go for at least 4 weeks to experience its full effect on your skin.

Essence of Copper Two Pack Pillows

Essence of Copper Two Pack Pillows will rock you right to sleep. It’s an actual pillow rather than a pillow-case, however it's on the cheaper side so if you're ready to dive it full-force with a copper pillow AND pillowcase, give this a try.

It is designed for a healthy nights sleep with its antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties. It’s a little thicker than most pillow cases with a 8" thick cover for optimum comfort. Fits standard pillowcases. Machine washable but should not be used in the dryer.

Sheex Luxury Pillowcase

For another affordable option, consider the Sheex pillowcase. It’s going to do wonders for your sleep as its 10% spandex/90% and a polyester copper blend. It is naturally anti-odor and soft to the touch with only small trace amounts of copper. It is moisture absorbent -- the pillowcase will do all the work for you. Because of its fine texture, machine wash only to fit standard and king size pillowcases.

BioPEDIC Copper Pillowcase & Pillow Jumbo Taupe

This 2-piece set will cover is made from 100-percent Cupron (copper oxide polyester). It’s a great couples gift or just for yourself. A copper pillowcase is the perfect way to jump start your anti-wrinkle routine in the simplest way possible. Throw in an eye mark and you’ll be anti-wrinkle free all while you sleep.

The future looks bright for copper pillowcases so don’t be surprised if you find these companies expanding their product lines as other linen manufacturers get on the bandwagon. You may even enjoy a better night’s sleep than you did before you discovered copper pillowcases, knowing that you’ll look refreshed and ready to meet the world looking youthful and confident every morning!


Copper is a naturally enhancing chemical known to reduce signs of fine line and wrinkles. It is making its way into the beauty industry as companies begin to infuse their pillowcases with naturally occurring chemicals to fight wrinkles. #pillows #skincare #sleep