​Not just any noise will help you fall asleep at night.  While you may have heard of white noise, other frequencies of colored noises help when trying to fall asleep.  Colored noise technology has been around for years.  Thomas Edison revealed common traits of sound frequencies.  These discoveries revealed the benefits of playing back audio, later known as white noise. 

What is White Noise?

White noise is one of the most popular types of colored noise.  Simply put, white noise is comprised of random and equal amounts of frequencies from the entire sound spectrum.  It is most well known for blocking out just about every noise.

Benefits of White Noise

  • Sound masking and blocking
  • Improved concentration in both adults and babies
  • Sleep promotion

White Noise Machine

The Marpac Dohm-DS All-Natural White Noise Sound Machine  has a dual speed motor, asymmetrical fan, and acoustic housing create the soothing sound of rushing air. The sound does not disturb your natural sleep patterns as it is customized for a fully adjustable tone and volume control.

What is Brown Noise?

Brown noise is a little different than white noise and one of the more uncommon type of colored noise.  Brown noise takes the low-frequency emphasis of pink noise even and creates more of a humming sound.  It is often compared to a deep hum or the sound of rushing water.  It is definitely more common to hear brown noise in the form of meditation as it combines the sounds of nature. 

Benefits of Brown Noise

  • Relaxation or meditation
  • Improved focus
  • Increased reading comprehension
  • Like the others, sleep improvement

Brown Noise Machine

NOISLI is a software program that allows you to select high-quality sounds for better sleep. It is useful in generating brown noise as it is more uncommon to find a brown noise machine. Their technology allows you to personalize your frequencies to find the perfect blend of pitches. Try listening to their sounds for free! 

What is Pink Noise?

Pink noise, which also includes noise from the entire spectrum but emphasizes specific, lower frequencies to create a deeper and more gentle sound.  Pink noise is said to improve memory.  How?  People’s slow-wave oscillations increased on the nights punctuated by pink noise, meaning there were noticeable differences in the effect pink noise had on calming the brain versus no noise interference at all.  Surprisingly, pink noise is actually more calming than white noise.  We often don’t hear the term pink noise, which is why it can be more challenging to come by a pink noise machine. 

Benefits of Pink Noise

  • Creates a calming atmosphere
  • Emphasizes lower frequencies
  • Improves memory 

Pink Noise Machine

​Pink noise works best when played in short spurts of low frequencies.  The Sound Oasis S-550-05 Sound Therapy System has 6 professional quality authentic nature sounds including ocean surf, steam, rain, white noise and summer night and wind.  All are played at a lower frequency to emulate pink noise.  Sound can continuously play in increments of 30, 60 or 90 minutes, depending on what length of time suits you best.  While its a little bit on the bigger side, it can be mounted to the wall, used flat on its back or in an upright position on your nightstand. Its lower sounds will ease you into a deeper sleep.

The world is a noisier place than it once was. Which type of colored noise works best for you? Well that’s up to you, your situation and goals but all can provide substantial benefits. For additional benefits, you might want to try noise cancelling headphones.