How Can Candles Help Me Sleep?

A good night's sleep is extremely important.  It affects everything from your motor skills, to concentration, eating habits, and mood.  If you have trouble sleeping, the most cost-efficient and natural way to treat yourself is through aroma therapy.  Scented incense and essential oils are certainly options, but there is nothing more therapeutic than scented candles to soothe your stressed mind and body, and bring you to a relaxed state before bedtime.

What Kind of Sleep Candle Is Best?

First, find a candle that is right for you.  There are numerous types of candles but the best are the ones made from natural sources. Soy and coconut wax candles are especially great because they are vegan-friendly, eco-friendly, cruelty-free and good for the air.  A cotton wick is especially great for a long-lasting candle.  A handmade soy wax candle that comes in convenient travel-size tins are particularly great if you have trouble sleeping while on the road.  A tin candle is also excellent to keep in your bathroom.

Where Should I Burn the Sleep Candle?

Studies have shown that those who suffer from insomnia and sleep deprivation have a harder time falling a sleep in their bed.  It helps if you light a candle away from your bedroom such as the living room by your couch with a nice book or in the bathroom while you soak in the bath.  A ritual such as this will help bring your mind at ease and your focus away from anxieties about difficulty with sleeping.

Best Sleep Candles to Help You Relax

​​​​For a more elegant look, consider large sized candles with a wooden lid like the Peace + Tranquility candle. This helps your home look organized and sophisticated. The wooden lid also helps keep your essential oils tightly sealed inside the candle in case you want to save your aroma therapy for bedtime.

Candles that come inside a glass jar looks very pleasant in almost any room of the house. You can light either a clear or frosted glass candle in your kitchen, bedroom, living room, or bathroom to give your home a soothing and romantic look. Keep in mind that candles that come in various sizes also burn differently. A large candle can burn for up to 70 hours. Smaller candles that are about 2 ounces can burn for about 20 hours.

Light a relaxing candle scented with lavender oil to bring your mind at ease. The Relaxation Lavender E.O. is perfect for this. Lavender is not only great for relaxation therapy but also has a healing quality.

It is known to help relax nervous tension in your body and heal any problems related to respiratory troubles. Lavender oil is also treated to facilitate blood circulation. Those with menstrual cramps can benefit from lavender oil treatment. ​Lavender is also great for clearing your air of undesirable smells or pollution. ​

Aroma therapy with eucalyptus and spearmint is also great for those who need a relief from stress. Light a Stress Relief Aromatherapy candle and watch your day melt away.

​Eucalyptus has numerous benefits. It is great for those with sinus congestion, sore throat, asthma and other respiratory problems. It is often used in spas and saunas due to its respiratory clearing qualities. For those who suffer from coughs in the night, lighting a eucalyptus candle may help you sleep better. Part of the reason why a candle that mixes spearmint with eucalyptus is great for your sleep health is due to the benefits of spearmint. Spearmint oil is rich in antioxidants. Its minty aroma helps soothe the mind. ​

​The Wild Beautiful and Free luxury candle is a great choice if you've had a long day.  Vanilla oil is often used to make scented candles because vanilla bean is high in antioxidants, and is often used to sedate and tranquilize nerves. Vanilla candles are often lit before meditation.  It is also great for those who suffer from general anxiety and stress. ​

For homes with pets such as cats and dogs, consider lighting a vanilla scented candle in the living room to help wash away the air from any odors or pollutants. Vanilla is also a great aphrodisiac. Vanilla oil is great for stress relief. 

The NEST votive candle makes for a wonderful bath item or even a gift. For something sophisticated and elegant, consider lighting a tarragon and ivy scented candle to help enrich your mind and senses.

This herbal blend is great for blood circulation, deodorizing your home, and relaxing your nerves. Tarragon oil is also frequently used for indigestion and fatigue. The ivy scent also helps invigorate your senses with a mixture of herbal and floral hints.

The Capri Blue travel tin has a soothing fragrance of volcano. Volcano scents can relax you into a sweet summer night.

​It blends a sweet and citrusy note with the pleasantness of bonfire smoke.  It can enrich your senses into a nostalgic night.

Candles are not only great for your own sleep therapy but could be wonderful for others as well. Hand-poured candles from candle makers also contain a loving and thoughtful quality that friends, family and co-workers will appreciate.

Consider candles that come with an elegant stamp inside a neatly wrapped tissue paper and gift box. Gift boxes may be more cost-efficient as well. Do a little research to see what kind of scent, candle wax type, and candle container might be the most suitable for your gift recipient.


Scented incense and essential oils are certainly options, but there is nothing more therapeutic than scented candles to soothe your stressed mind and body, and bring you to a relaxed state before bedtime. #sleep #candles #relax