A good night's sleep is essential to our comfort and productivity — this is why it's so important to make sure your bed and bedding facilitate healthy sleep. One possible option is adding a mattress pad or topper to your bed. Before deciding between the two options, you should learn a little bit about what mattress pads and toppers are and what the major differences are between the two. 

What is a Mattress Pad?

Mattress pads are typically relatively thin quilted or padded material that is placed within a fitted sheet and over a mattress. Because it fits in snugly within the fitted sheet, a mattress pad will stay in placed well throughout the night and won't move around as the sleeping individual moves. 

Mattress pads only slightly change the comfort level offered in a bed. The main function of mattress pads is to protect the mattress from any possible stains or damage from regular wear and tear on the mattress over time. Mattress pads therefore keep mattresses in better condition and extend their lifespans. 

Types of Mattress Pads

Those who are interested in purchasing mattress pads for their beds should know that they will have a few varieties to choose from. Heated mattress pads are available that can keep individuals warmer as they sleep at night. Likewise, there are also cooling pads available that can be comfortable on hot summer nights. Mattress pads come in the form of fitted or anchor pads that will be sure not to move during the night even for those who tend to reposition themselves frequently during sleep. 

Advantages and Disadvantages

Perhaps the biggest advantage of a mattress pad is that it will keep a mattress in excellent shape. Mattresses will be protected from moisture, and they can very easily be cleaned in the laundry. They also do add some additional comfort and support for the sleeper. 

On the other hand, mattress pads aren't quite as sturdy as mattress toppers. They may be more easily damaged, and they won't provide as much support or additional comfort. 

Best Selling Mattress Pads

What is a Mattress Topper?

A mattress topper is something like an additional mattress put on top of the main mattress. A mattress topper will significantly change the way a mattress and bed feel. Also, a mattress topper is very supportive for the sleeper's neck and back. This can make them ideal for those who are struggling with back pain in the night resulting from an inadequate amount of support from their mattress. 

Typically, a mattress topper is constructed from foam. The foam in a mattress topper is great for providing some cushioning above an innerspring mattress so that it feels softer. 

Types of Mattress Toppers

The foam that's used to construct mattress toppers can come in one of two possible varieties. They can be either constructed of memory foam or foam latex. There are significant differences between the feeling that results from mattress toppers made from these different materials. 

While memory foam tends to be the more durable of the two and contours well to the body, foam latex is more firm and also tends to cost a bit more. In addition to foam, mattress toppers can also be constructed from other materials including feather and wool. 

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are both advantages and disadvantages to mattress toppers. In terms of advantages, mattress toppers can significantly change the feel of an entire mattress without having to actually replace the mattress. They provide customizable support and comfort tailored to the individual sleeper. 

Mattress toppers are great for those who are suffering from back and neck pain. While they provide cushioning and support, they also offer additional advantages similar to mattress pads. Mattress toppers can keep mattresses in better shape just like mattress pads do. 

At the same time, some users of mattress toppers don't like the fact that they can sometimes make a bed feel a lot warmer because they insulate the body and create more heat. Also, mattress toppers are generally larger and heavier than mattress pads so that they're difficult to move. 

Another disadvantage for some regarding mattress toppers is that they are more prone to moving around during the night than mattress pads. While mattress pads are conveniently kept in place beneath the fitted sheet, mattress toppers are too large for this arrangement and are therefore attached more loosely. 

The bulkiness of mattress toppers make it so that they cannot be easily thrown in a washing machine and washed. It's challenging to clean a mattress topper. Another thing to keep in mind in terms of disadvantages is that mattress toppers are more expensive than mattress pads. 

Best Selling Mattress Toppers

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Which is Right for Your Bed: A Mattress Pad or Mattress Topper?

Your unique needs will determine whether a mattress pad or a mattress topper is right for you. If you are mostly comfortable with your mattress but want to protect it so that it doesn't age quickly, a mattress pad can easily do the job.

Also, mattress pads are better for you if you don't want to spend a lot of money on a mattress cover and you want to be able to easily launder the mattress cover you choose. 

Those who are not satisfied with the comfort and support offered by their mattress would be better off looking into a mattress topper. Purchasing a mattress topper is generally the most cost-effective way to get more support out of a mattress.

Mattress are expensive, but mattress toppers are generally more affordable. Consumers wanting a customizable sleeping surface can choose the mattress topper that's just right for their comfort and medical needs if they are dealing with a condition like back pain or acid reflux, for example.

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