When you think of a canopy bed, what do you imagine? Many men balk at the thought of a canopy bed as  they seem like a relic of the past or strictly for young girls' bedrooms. However the truth is they are much more versatile and modern than that. This is a guide to masculine canopy beds that any guy would love to sleep in.

What is a Canopy Bed?

A canopy bed can be described as a decorative bed which is somehow similar to the four-poster bed. It features posts at the corners of the bed. The framework is made mostly of solid wood, bamboo, or metal. There are different options when it comes to styling the bed. You can opt for the option of draping a light fabric or curtain over the beams to give the bed a sophisticated look. This type of bed will stand out in a spacious bedroom that has high ceilings.

When it comes to aesthetics, you can choose between a modern or a Victorian look as the canopy bed will still shine regardless of the choice you make. There is plenty of style and accommodation when it comes to decorating a canopy bed. The beams can be wrapped in a new style depending on the mood or occasion.

Masculine Canopy Beds To Inspire Your Bedroom

Masculine Canopy Bed Buying Guide

The initial impression of buying a canopy bed is that of extravagance and class. Some people are of the opinion hat canopy beds are only meant for the rich and the sophisticated. In the real sense, canopy beds are primarily designed with practicality in mind with aesthetic consideration being secondary. They provide a great level of comfort for the sleeper, especially during the cold winter months. There are people who like canopy beds because of their private nature. You can completely close the curtains to provide a full night sleep without any external distractions.

Before you can make a purchasing decision, there are some things that you need to know about canopy beds. This guide is meant to take you through the process of buying your first canopy bed and will cover things ranging from the designs to the bed frames.

Why a Canopy Bed?

The canopy bed will be the center of attraction whenever anyone enters a room. It will be hard to look anywhere else given the bold statement it portrays. Other than its aesthetic contribution, the canopy bed is relied upon to provide durability and sturdiness in the bedroom. Those that come with curtains can provide an additional source of warmth during those cold winter nights. There are some that are also designed to specifically provide a cooling effect.

History of the Canopy Bed

Contrary to popular belief, the canopy bed was borne out of practicality rather than elegance. The design stretches centuries back and the bed was mostly associated with European nobility. Times have changed and the current designs are a perfect reflection of the new aesthetic ideas in the canopy beds.

Choosing a Canopy Bed


As we have already stated, the design is all about practicality. You get a sense of privacy with the curtains and there is also the warmth and intimacy aspect even if you’re sleeping alone. Beds that don’t come with the conventional canopy roofing are designed for cooling with plenty of storage underneath. There are canopy beds that have been designed to ensure that the mattress lasts longer thus saving you money in the long run. Even with the elegance that is associated with canopy beds, you can always rely on them to deliver where it matters the most.

Making a Statement

The canopy bed is your go-to if you’re looking for a piece of furniture that will make a bold statement. What matters is the kind of statement you intend to make because there are different styles to choose from. Ultimately, what you select should be a reflection of your personality and style.

For a trendy look, you can go for the mirrored or metal canopy that doesn’t have any draping. For a traditional look that doesn’t include curtains, you can opt for the wrought iron style. You can fuse the modern and the traditional to get a unique and personalized style. The style all boils down to the materials used, the design of the bed, and the overall theme of the bedroom.

Materials for Canopy Beds

Once you’ve made the choice of buying a canopy bed, you want to make sure you’re well informed. There are some beds that look good with curtains while others don't. Some materials tend to give a more feminine look while others are undeniably masculine. Your two basic choices are:

Wood: For a more traditional and homey feel, wood is usually seen as the best option. The most common types of wood include pine, mahogany, walnut, and oak. While a wooden canopy bed might conjure up images of a girl's bedroom, if you keep the design minimal and modern, wooden canopy beds can have a very masculine appearance.

Metal: Metal is a popular option if you’re looking for a stylish and sleek design. It is not uncommon for metal canopy beds to have additional legs and central support which is recommended for the back. With metal, the material has an inherently masculine feel so you just need keep the form simple to compliment that. In particular wrought iron can have a very rugged appearance that puts men at ease.

Mixed Materials: Many beds incorporate a mix of metal and wood which can combine the best of both worlds. The warmth and 


Other than the material, the design is another crucial consideration that you should be having in mind. Given their practicality, canopy beds can be a good center masterpiece when it comes to aesthetics. There are designs that could work better than others given the circumstances.

Modern: These canopy beds don’t usually have the top covering and the four-linked bedposts. The result is a stylish rectangular structure.

Romantic: Such designs are more European-centric and borrow heavily from Italy and France when it comes to design. There are occasions where Mediterranean designs are also referred to as romantic.

Classic: This features a more traditional style with ornate decorations using deep warm wood tones. It borrows from the 18th and 19th-century design when it comes to the use of leather and luxurious fabrics.

Gothic: The popularity of canopy beds increased during the rise of the Gothic era. The use of fabric to hide the bedposts was of particular interest to the Gothic community.

Curtain and Fabrics

This is another important aspect you should be looking at when shopping for canopy beds. There are modern designs that don’t incorporate curtains or fabrics but there are still people who prefer traditional design. You should check if the canopy design is made to support the curtains of your choice. It could be the canopy bed can only support light fabrics.

You can still get a modern canopy bed even if you’re not a fan of curtains or fabrics. The design of the bed will determine whether or not you go for curtains.

Best Selling Canopy Beds

Bestseller No. 1
Zinus Patricia Metal Framed Canopy Four Poster Platform Bed Frame / Strong Steel Mattress Support / No Box Spring Needed, Queen
  • Modern Industrial style metal frame design with canopy top
  • Strong Steel slats prevent mattress sagging and help to increase mattress life
SaleBestseller No. 2
DHP Canopy Bed with Sturdy Bed Frame, Metal, Twin Size - White
  • Sturdy metal frame with a heart scroll design
  • Round finial posts
SaleBestseller No. 3
Novogratz Marion Canopy Bed Frame, Gold, Queen
  • Stylish and classy design in a clean silhouette. Perfect bed frame to become the centerpiece of your Bedroom
  • Crafted in a Sturdy metal frame that includes secured metal slats as well as additional metal side rails and center legs for Ensured stability and durability. Does not require foundation
SaleBestseller No. 4
DHP Modern Canopy Bed with Built-in Headboard, Classic Design, Queen Size, White
  • Modern style with square lines and a built in headboard for a timeless look
  • Sturdy metal frame construction; includes metal side rails for guaranteed stability and durability
SaleBestseller No. 5
DHP Rosedale Metal Canopy Bed, Queen Size - Black
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Four-poster canopied bed


Outdated ideas of frilly feminine canopy beds shouldn't stop you from considering a canopy bed. It's possible to find a modern, masculine bed that suits your bedroom and lifestyle. With clean, elegant designs, a canopy bed can be something any man feels comfortable sleeping in.

Keep in mind that it's a piece of furniture that will dominate the bedroom it's in so find one that fits well in the space and keep the rest of the room minimal and simple for best effect.