Do you find it hard to fall (or stay) asleep in a room that is too bright? You're not alone. Whether you're traveling and need to sleep on the go, dealing with summer nights or need a nap during the day, a good sleep mask can mean the difference between getting a good rest and tossing and turning.

Being able to block out light when you sleep, including light from digital devices, is important. It's a scientific fact that light affects our sleep and wake patterns. So, feeling that you need darkness to fall asleep isn't just a mental preoccupation. That said, we can't always control our environment — while blackout curtains are ideal, sleep masks are often a more convenient and practical solution.

Let's look at some of the most popular sleep masks on Amazon for blocking light:

The bucky® 40 Blinks Sleep Mask​

This mask comes in a range of colors and patterns. It's good for home use and traveling. It blocks the light completely, while also being super comfortable. The light weight design means that there's no pressure on your eyelids and the two molded cups ensure that you can easily blink your eyes and don't have anything rubbing again your eyelids as you sleep. 

Slip Silk Sleepmask

This high-quality pink mask is made out of high grade real silk and cotton. It looks luxurious and is luxurious. Not only does it block out the light, it also aids in keeping you looking young since it doesn't tug at the most sensitive parts of your face. It's extra thick and super soft and also hypoallergenic. Unlike masks made out of synthetic materials (like polyester), the Silk Sleepmask draws moisture away from your skin and hair so your face will be more hydrated in the morning. 

iluminage Skin Rejuvenating Eye Mask

This 249 thread count iluminage mask holds true to its name. It reinvigorates your skin — especially your eye area — while keeping out the light. Considered a "smart textile," the iluminage is embedded with copper oxide which has been proven to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and leave your skin softer and younger looking. The manufacturer says it will take about four weeks for your to notice a difference. This mask is one-size-fits-all and has a velcro strap. It's also a good choice if you travel a lot. 

Gel Bead Sleep Mask

Also made by Earth Therapeutics, this gel bead sleep mask takes somewhat of a different approach. It's made of hundreds of small gel beads which gently massage your eyelids as you are falling asleep. If you have a headache, it also provides cooling relief. Just place it in the refrigerator for an hour or in the freezer for 10 minutes. If you have tired or puffy eyes, this may be the best mask for you. 

Nidra® Dreams Eye Mask

Jet black, this contoured face mask is face-fitting and has a comfort nose piece to keep it in place. You won’t need to constantly adjust the mask to fit your face, as it is designed to offer maximum coverage. Nidra is good for the bedroom, as well as on a plane flight or car ride. This mask makes use of advanced ergonomics to cover your eyes completely, without applying any pressure to your eyelids or eyelashes. It it will help get some much-needed shut-eye so you can awake to the new days feeling well rested and refreshed. 

Fitglam Natural Silk Sleep Mask

This fun and funky sleep mask sports a black and white design that includes eyelashes. Because it is constructed with 100% top quality 19mm Natural mulberry silk on both sides, it's super soft. The breathable design is perfect for men, women or children since it has a easy-to-adjust headband. The mask's natural fibers enable oxygen to move freely while keeping out the dry air. This mask is an excellent choice if you have swollen eyes. This mask also comes with ear plugs to block out external noise. 

The Deluxe Sound Oasis Go To Sleep Therapy Mask

Made of a soft, foamy material, this mask helps you sleep by emitting a focusing noise that takes your mind away from any stressful thoughts that worry you. A more relaxed state of mind is the result.

Dream Essence Sleeping Mask

In addition to blocking put light, there are sleep masks designed to provide aromatherapy as you are drifting off to sleep. These "treat" wearers to a bi-sensory experience, paying attention to one's sight as well as one's smell.

One of the best aromatherapy sleep masks is the Dream Essence Sleeping Mask by Dream Essentials which is designed as a complete natural remedy solution. It comes in a Gift Set that includes a mosaic design Sleep Mask with a pocket in the front of the mask where you slip in the aromatherapy herb sachets. The set includes a French lavender sachet and a bottle of Sleep Serum that contains Essential Oils of Rose Roman Chamomile and Lavender in a Jojoba base.

With all of the varied choices available, we see some good snooze time in your future.


Whether you're traveling and need to sleep on the go, dealing with summer nights or need a nap during the day, a good sleep mask can mean the difference between getting a good rest and tossing and turning. #sleepmask #sleep #relax