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Best Beauty Pillowcases for Gorgeous Morning Hair

Returning home to your bed and soft pillow can feel like the most rewarding part of your day. Having a pillowcase that will both help you sleep more comfortably and wake having your hair looking smooth and refreshed is a simple, effective way to optimize your night sleep. A quality pillowcase can reduce bed-head and hair frizz while requiring very little effort on your part. If all of life were so simple!

These days there are many choices of beauty pillowcases which promise to help keep your hair tangle-free and smooth. However not all pillowcases are created equal. You want to find one with material that matches your hair and skin needs.

Which material will work best with my hair type? 

Different materials actually work better with specific hair types. With the wide variety of pillowcases, we broke down the top four materials for both your skin and hair:

Cotton Pillowcases

Cotton is a soft and versatile material traditionally used to make pillow sheets and bed linens. When choosing the perfect cotton pillow case, keep in mind that not all cotton is made the same.

Some cotton materials feel rougher than usual and could leave you with a rats nest in your hair in the morning. Others don’t require specific cleaning instructions, so often consumers wash them and put them straight in the dryer as opposed to air drying.

Cotton is an absorbent material so when you sleep, your pillowcase may actually be drying out both your skin and face. Cotton also encourages friction because it is naturally a bit rougher, so if you find yourself waking up with a dreaded nest in the back of your hair, that’s probably why.

If you still prefer cotton, look for a high thread count which reduces friction, keeping hair smoother and being softer on your skin as well.

Satin Pillowcases: 

Satin pillowcases are one of the best kept beauty secrets for your hair. Less expensive than silk but much smoother than cotton, satin pillowcases hit a soft spot of affordability and value. Satin has a very smooth texture and will reduce signs of fine lines that can often appear during a ‘rough’ nights sleep. 

Silk Pillowcases: 

Choosing a silk fabric requires a little bit of testing on your end. Silk is prone to shrinkage, so make sure to choose a silk fabric that promises minimal shrinkage. Some people prefer silk pillowcases simply because there’s a little more room to spare in their pillowcase.

This actually makes for a more comfortable sleep. Many silk products out there can prevent bed head and maybe even let you retire your hair straightening brush! Remember not to break the bank though, silk can be expensive.

Natural fibers/materials: 

Not so new to the market is the addition of natural fibers to our beloved pillow cases. Bamboo pillow cases are becoming particularly trendy because often brands combine bamboo with essential oils to help lock in moisture while you sleep.

Now onto our favorite pillowcases:

Drybar Slumber: the Drybar Slumber Party Pillow Cases protect your hair blowout! This case is made with finely chosen silk pillowcases that are woven together for silk perfection. It was designed to prevent breakage. The company also sells dry shampoo that you can actually apply before bed so your hair comes out looking even more lush. Their site details specific how-to videos so that you can wake up to more firm hair and less breakage.

Skin Laundry: you can literally replenish your skin with this silver ion technology. Their testimonials say it all, “during sleep, your pillowcase absorbs oil, dirt, germs and dead skin cells from your face. This happens every night, only to transfer it back to your skin the next evening. It’s a vicious cycle for blemish-prone skin.” The good news? It works to remove unnecessary oils from your hair too, leaving your skin and hair feeling replenished. Their brand promises to remove 99% of germs and bacteria -- while you sleep!

Spasilk 100%: we guarantee you won’t wake up with pillow lines when you use this pillowcase! The theory behind this case is that it won’t cause friction between your hair, so you wake up with smoother-feeling hair. It’s also hypoallergenic and made with breathable material. This one in particular gives you a variety of color options to choose from, so you can look stylish while you sleep.

Alaska Bear Natural Silk Pillowcase: Alaska Bear is made with 100% mulberry silk making your skin feel super soft and smooth.  It is made with breathable fibers that help support a healthy sleep -- and it’s all natural. It also keeps your hair feeling smooth in the morning. Each is handmade by 1 tailor, meaning each is crafted with smooth edges. To keep its firmness, make sure you hand dry this case versus machine washing.

Nufabrx: The Nufabrx pillowcase is a bamboo pillowcase embedded with tea tree oil and lavender that release while you sleep. It functions as both a pillow case, and an all natural solution to prevent acne around your hairline.

Cariloha pillowcases: This pillow will immediately remind you of the Caribbean. It combines the love of the ocean with a clean and eco-friendly lifestyle. The brand began in 2007 and has grown to a merchandised and franchised retail store. The secret? Bamboo. Its bamboo texture is naturally pesticide-free and keeps you dry and cool. If your hair naturally does not retain moisture, this is the pillowcase for you.

eLuxury Pillow Cases: get ready to get the best sleep of your life. This two-piece cotton pillowcase set is made with high-quality cotton and a lower, 1000 thread count. The process of plying creates thicker threads, which gives these pillow cases more durability and a softer feel. Expect a great night sleep with a softer alternative to traditional cotton pillows.

The satisfying news for your hair, skin and wellness is there are pillow cases that will help tailor to your specific need. You may want to try a few out just to see if you wake up feeling more refreshed with healthier bed head! 


These days there are many choices of beauty pillowcases which promise to help keep your hair tangle-free and smooth. However not all pillowcases are created equal. #pillows #sleep #haircare