Fleece blankets are some of the comfiest blankets out there. They are made with your comfort in mind. Top quality blankets are brushed and sheared to achieve a non-pill finish.

When choosing the perfect fleece blanket for your home, consider both its material and weight. Synthetic fleece is an alternative to wool, but can still be made with top quality fibers. When buying a blanket, consider if the blanket can retain its original resistance to shredding and pilling so that you get many uses out of the blanket.

Cotton fleece is made from the same material cotton sweatpants and shirts and made from. It often is heavier and more durable if the buyer is looking for something that

The only downside to cotton fleece is its resistance to the dryer and/or any drying techniques. Cotton fleece tends to shrink and that may prevent the blanket from being used long-term.

​Flannel Fleece Luxury Blanket Olive Green Throw Lightweight Cozy Plush Microfiber Solid Blanket by Bedsure

If you’re aiming for both comfort and overall best fleece blanket on the market, give this one a try. It is a large blanket, functional for the living room and bedroom. It is anti-static with breathable fabric and 100% microfiber polyester. What gives this blanket the edge? It has so many color varieties: ivory, navy, red, brown, camel, sage green, light blue, purple, olive green, ash black, washed blue and peacock blue.

Pinzon Velvet Plush Throw Blanket

The Pinzon Velvet Plush Throw is 100% polyester for high-quality coziness and warmth. It is made with ultra-soft microplush. Velvet plush throw offers cozy warmth. Each blanket measures 50 x 60 inches so it’s a little on the smaller side but makes up for it with its durability. Five or six washes in, you’ll notice they don’t pill. The blanket should be washed alone and will dry quickly so it is certainly kid friendly!

Knitted Throw Blanket for Sofa and Couch, Lightweight, Soft & Cozy Knit Throws - Heather Grey, 50"x60" by Bedsure

The Knitted Throw by Bedsure is unique in its own way. It has a bulkier, yet luxurious feel that’ll keep you warmest in the winter. Its tight weave provides a lightweight option for a comfy bedroom throw, yet works for kid-friendly use with a little bit of stretchable fabric.  It is sized at 50” x 60”, so it will fit perfectly with your living room or bedroom design. It holds up well with multiple washes as it is made with top quality fibers.

MEROUS Soft King Fleece Bed Blanket, Dark Grey

This king Size 90 inch by 108 inch, fits on king and is packaged with a little pouch. It is one of the best blankets out there because you won’t have piles of lint after washing (major bonus points for your washing machine). It is luxurious and lightweight with a close texture, smooth and lightweight feel with 330 gsm fluffy polyester. It does not shrink and is still ideal for storage due to its lightweight nature. Bring it out in the winter!

DaDa Bedding Luxury White Roses Faux Fur with Sherpa Backside Fleece Throw Blanket

This is a versatile blanket that it provides comfort all year round. With an elegant look, it is both extremely warm and provides two distinct sides - soft texture on one and comforting sherpa on the other. This elegant and luxurious solid white faux fur throw blanket with a lovely soft texture on one side and extremely warm and comforting sherpa back side is a good addition to the guest bedroom. It is made with polyester and fleece fibers for a 50" x 60" throw size. Its beautiful white color not only goes with everything in your home, but also looks and feels like it is handcrafted with precision.


Best and Comfiest Fleece Blankets