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Flat vs Fitted Sheets: What Do You Really Need?

What’s the difference between fitted and flat sheets?Making a decision on what type of bedding you should purchase for your home can be a difficult decision. Getting quality sleep is extremely important and the type of bedding you purchase can directly affect your quality of sleep. Also important is what style […]

Healthier Sleep

Why Am I Sleeping So Much?

Sleep is important, that’s something that everyone knows. But even though we all know it’s important, getting a good night’s rest is much easier in theory than in practice, and you definitely feel it when you wake up in the morning feeling groggy and irritable. In this article, you’re going […]

Yoga Nidra for a Better Night's Sleep
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Yoga Nidra for a Better Night’s Sleep

What is Yoga Nidra?The concept of yoga nidra is actually an ancient Indian tradition associated with Hinduism and Buddhism.  In modern times, the practice taught by Satyananda includes eight stages (internalisation, sankalpa, rotation of consciousness, breath awareness, manifestation of opposites, creative visualization, sankalpa and externalisation). The journey to learning, understanding and […]